Staff Training & Feedback

Linked To The Growth Mindset




Having worked at over 430 different schools within the U.K, I have witnessed a variety of different strategies and methods that schools are implementing with regards to resilience building.

In addition to my observations, I have also undertaken a considerable amount of research to identify resources which can be used in schools to launch or support a Growth Mindset ethos.

My experience and knowledge have enabled me to devise a comprehensive Keynote Slide Presentation which can be delivered on the same day as a workshop booking after school or for a separate staff training or inset day.

Ideally the staff training session would be 90 minutes long which allows time for me to give feedback with regards to how your pupils have worked with me. As you will see below, a 90 minute session ensures that there are opportunities to discuss elements which may be of more interest to your specific school.

I cover a wide range of elements and topics within the staff session and I will elaborate on these further below.

The initial slides highlight definitions of a Growth and Fixed Mindset, why the Growth Theory is important and my own perspective on the key elements that are imperative to help anyone develop Growth Traits.

As the talk progresses, I highlight schools who have had workshop days delivered by myself and whose pupils impressed me with their resilience levels.

I highlight what those schools are implementing to achieve those impressive results and I have statements from those schools that I can share to give further insight into their methods and strategies.

Due to my own research I have a wide range of resources that I highlight in the staff session that schools can use to promote a Growth Mindset ethos, and these include books, videos and websites. Several of the books I recommend, I have with me on the day, which allows staff the opportunity to look at them firsthand.

Other important elements that I cover in the staff session include the invaluable use of terminology and how that can support a Growth Mindset ethos, how we can use famous people to have an impact, the power of yet and the importance of destigmatizing and learning from mistakes.

Another significant section of my staff training session is dedicated to how to get Parents onboard with the Growth Mindset. I believe that even if a school is promoting a Growth Mindset ethos, if Parents are not then it can prove counterproductive.

As you will be aware, there were no Growth Mindset lessons or discussions when we were at school and as a result, many adults possess fixed traits which can then inevitably be passed onto their children.

Having delivered Parent workshop sessions in the past, I have had many discussions regarding these observations and some schools have used my workshops for additional Parent sessions.

In my staff training session, I highlight why it is important to get Parents onboard, discuss different ways that schools are doing this nationwide, highlight resources that schools can use and different strategies and methods that can be implemented to support this key element.

In addition to all the above aspects, I talk about why some schools are much more successful at implementing a Growth Mindset ethos than others and why those schools are having greater success for this to be the case.

I would require a screen to plug my Macbook into at your school for the staff session due to it being delivered as a Keynote Slide Presentation.

As mentioned above, the length of the session would ideally be 90 minutes, but it can be delivered in 60 or 75 minutes if your staff prefer to take notes and not discuss elements in depth and if you do not require my class feedback.

If the feedback is of interest, I will elaborate on this further below as it is an additional option and available at no extra cost, but it would require a 90 minute staff training session.

Having worked in schools for nearly twenty years and due to the number of different schools I have visited and worked at, my experience enables me to give detailed feedback with regards to how pupils have worked in my workshop sessions.

Many teachers find my feedback invaluable as they know how their pupils are working compared to their peers and other classes within their respective school, but I can give a detailed comparison with regards to other schools nationwide who have had my workshop sessions.

My feedback covers a wide range of elements and attributes which include resilience levels, word knowledge and vocabularies, ability to follow instructions, comprehension levels, measuring skills, patience and completed picture quality.

As everyone completes a picture in my workshop sessions this provides visual evidence to support my feedback and I highlight how teachers can analyze the completed pictures to ensure that a greater insight is obtained.

Many teachers have commented in the past that they can, because of my workshop sessions, see why some pupils have difficulties in other parts of the curriculum as the sessions prove insightful due to all the different elements and attributes.

I believe that the workshop sessions, motivational assemblies, staff training session and feedback I offer, ensure that the whole package has significant,  immediate and long-term benefits.

When you take into consideration that many schools are inviting Parents to my motivational assembly, booking separate workshop sessions for Parents or inviting other members of the school community like Governors and admin staff to take part in the sessions, the entire school community really can benefit from my services.

If the staff training session is of interest or if you have any questions about what I offer, please do not hesitate to contact me.