School councils request to have toilet blocks enhanced more than any other area in their school.

The most popular form of artwork in these areas are underwater themes. Due to the nature of this theme, it is also very cost effective as there are a wide range of creatures to choose from varying in size.


With so much choice available with an underwater theme, the world really is your OYSTER !

So why not take the plunge with this FISH-TASTIC theme ? 


Some schools have allowed the pupils to choose the artwork theme within the toilet blocks and with so many themes available the options are endless.


So if you want to turn one wall into a stunning focal point or would prefer a full themed room, Wall Art is the perfect solution.


Toilet door plaques have also been completed featuring pupils in their respective school uniforms which are ideal to add a unique finishing touch to any toilet block.


Some headteachers have commented that very small children who didn't like going to the toilets have had their fears removed due to bright and funWall Art.


You don't have to be FLUSHED or SPLASH OUT much to make a difference.