Active Play


Wall Art is a bright, fun and cost effective way of promoting Active Play.

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Pictures can be used to inspire and encourage pupils in many different ways. If pupils see images of children participating in a range of different activities, it is highly likely that the pupils will seize the initiative and try to emulate the activities in real life.


With the added benefit of the cartoon children being in their respective school uniform, this personalises the design.


Mrs Kirkham, Acting Head at Berridge Junior School, Nottingham said "The attention to detail was incredible; even the school badge on a character's sweatshirt was a true representation of the original".


Not only is this form of Wall Art encouraging for children, but it is also versatile as it is suitable for small and large areas. Single characters are very effective doing individual activities and numerous characters have also been used to promote a range of beneficial activities.


This theme has proved to be one of the most popular forms of Wall Art in recent years especially in corridors, halls, sports blocks and on playground walls.


So if you want to highlight playground games and activities, PE sports or sports day events, the Active Play artwork will give you more than a sporting chance !