Pupil's Designs


Another aspect of Wall Art which not only encourages pupils but also boosts confidence and self esteem are pupil's designs.

Allowing the children to be creative and imaginative is a great start !


A number of schools have organised competitions by giving pupils a specific theme on which to base their designs.

I have then been given the winning designs to recreate on a larger scale on interior and exterior walls.


The sense of pride and achievement a pupil gets from seeing their own design permanently on display is fantastic, equally matched by the delight of the pupil`s parents.


Many people have commented over the years how they have been inspired by watching the process used by THE DOODLE BUG to create the Wall Art.


Seeing the art develop from the original pencil sketches to the completed artwork encourages pupils to see what is possible with time and effort and the finished work is a testament and reminder long after it has been completed.

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So anyone and everyone can be encouraged and inspired by Wall Art in many different ways.

Has your school got ART and SOUL ?