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Linked To The Growth Mindset



I have personal experience and can relate to the difference between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset especially considering that I am now an Artist.

When I was in the middle of my Secondary School years I remember my Art Teacher writing a comment on my school report which now seems quite ironic.

Due to my achievements or shall I say lack of achievements in Art my teacher wrote that I would never be an Artist, upon reflection those comments were completely justified but they were an accurate assessment of my future prospects as I definitely had a fixed mindset with regards to Art.

I gave up without really trying which meant that my lack of effort resulted in well below average achievements and an I can’t do this attitude and giving up prematurely were reflected within that school report for Art.

So with regards to Art I can definitely say that I had a fixed mindset at Secondary School but how is it possible that my least favourite subject become my profession less than 20 years later ?

That transformation happened not only due to myself maturing as a person but also because I realised the importance of trying your best, that rewards are achieved by making greater efforts, not giving up and learning from mistakes as they form a significant part of the learning process.

I have faced and overcome many hurdles with regards to turning my business into the successful company it is today and I am the first to admit that a key factor along the way is the fact that I have a Growth Mindset Approach.

Being completely honest, when I first started doing motivational talks I was unaware of how strongly they are linked to the Growth Mindset but very quickly more and more schools made me aware of the strong link and also commented that my talks not only were linked to the Growth Mindset but also how well they supported the work that schools were developing to foster a Growth Mindset Approach as well.

Add in my own personal view that every adult is a potential role model for children and also that I am very passionate about my job as I know that I am making a difference in schools means that both of those elements ensure that my talk is delivered with a real intention of making a lasting and positive impression on each and every pupil (and adult) who are present in the respective Assembly.

The talk is split into five topics, which are Practice, Preparation, Try your best, Believe in yourself and Making Mistakes.

I cover how all of those elements impact on my role as an artist, I cross reference other professions and highlight how all of those things help a wide variety of different people.

Then I emphasise how all of those elements can significantly help pupils to achieve greater success in their school work, hobbies and life in general.

I also highlight that you only get out what you put in so if you want rewards you need to make a greater effort, talk about the importance of taking advantage of opportunities and chances and highlight the importance of not giving up which is a key element with regards to having a Growth Mindset.

Personally, I believe that the Motivational Talk Assembly works better at the end of the workshop day/s as I link the workshop sessions to the talk, I will already have boosted confidence and self-esteem as well which will already have had a positive impact so that gives my words further justification.

Again being totally honest, the other reason why I believe my talk is very beneficial and can help foster a Growth Mindset approach is because I highlight all of my own mistakes, why I was not successful and also emphasise that although I am a successful Artist, Workshop Presenter, Motivational Speaker and Businessman that I am also human and that mistakes for example can be turned into positives if you can use that information to your advantage and learn lessons from them.

I look forward to continuing to make a positive and lasting impact on pupils nationwide with my Motivational Talk Assemblies !

Extracts from some of the schools who have benefitted from my talk and workshop days..

“ Our children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and we're thrilled with the results of their work. The focus on growth mindset supported the work that we have been developing with children.”

“ The children had a great time working with Ian; they were all really pleased with the progress they made with their drawings and they learnt some really useful techniques. Ian is also a great role model and very inspirational.”

“ Fantastic workshops and an engaging, motivational talk. The children had an amazing day and they produced some fabulous artwork.”

“ We had a fabulous day with Ian teaching our Y1-Y6 pupils a detailed breakdown of accurate drawing skills. The day was completed with a motivational talk for the children on how skills & values used in Ian's job could transfer to other areas of their lives.”

To view my latest references, please visit my profile on the Derbyshire County Council's Trusted Trader page by clicking on the link below.

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Thank you,

Ian Brealey