Playground Walls


Wall Art makes a real impact on playground walls and brightens up playtimes as well.

The usual colour scheme of brick red is improved immediately with the background colours, but when the artwork appears that is when the real transformation begins.


All of the popular themes for schools are available including underwater, farmyard, woodland and jungle artwork.


Children dressed in their respective uniform promoting a wide range of activities are as popular outside as they are indoors.

You have probably seen the Healthy Eating and Active Play sections, but what about promoting friendships, ideal for break times or even some musical inspiration.


Why not check out the Wall Games section if you are after some interactive fun?


If you thought story characters were confined to libraries then you are in for a surprise !


Some headteachers believe that their pupil's playground behaviour improves as a result of Wall Art as it encourages imaginative and interactive play.


China isn't the only place that can have a great wall, your playground can have one too !