Born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire,  I first achieved artistic acclaim as a five year old boy when my Jack And The Beanstalk picture got displayed in a local church.

After moving to Derbyshire during my Primary School years,  I developed a natural ability for mathematics which initially led me into a clerical environment.  Due to the excellent people skills that I perfected,  I eventually forged a career in the Manufacturing Industry,  primarily as a Supervisor in a number of companies.  These routes also allowed me to venture into other interesting roles including being a Laboratory Sampler and an ISO Auditor.  My attention to detail helped me immensely during this period.

I was then unable to continue in my Supervisory role due to long term illness and it was nearly a year until I was able to commence work again.

I used some of my spare time to draw Cartoon Characters in my children's bedroom.  I found that I was able to take a small image and recreate it freehand on a much larger scale.  Family and friends were impressed when they saw the results and I was encouraged by them to take my new hobby more seriously.

Shortly afterwards, I was eligible for a Test Trading Scheme for people who had been out of work for a length of time.  The scheme learnt me all the basics with regards to Self Employment and also allowed me to complete Artwork for a Nursery and a Child's Bedroom.

After the course finished, I was more determined than ever to become a Self Employed Educational & Cartoon Wall Artist but I needed a bit more help to fulfill my dream.

I now had a Business Plan in place thanks to the Test Trading Scheme and was directed towards The Prince's Trust.  I obtained  the funding in 2002 and I became a Full Time Self Employed Educational & Cartoon Wall Artist in 2003.

Although the finance I received from the Prince's Trust initially helped with general running costs including an initial marketing drive,  a big bonus came in the form of a Mentor who met with me on a regular basis.  Having an experienced business person to assist me,  especially in the early stages of my new venture was very beneficial.  My local Business Link Advisors also helped me during my early trading years and they are another excellent resource which I would recommend to anyone.

Due to a high percentage of businesses not surviving their first two years of trading, there was a risk element involved initially,  however,  I did not want to be regretting not having given it a go and my best shot years later.

As my confidence grew over the years, I realised that I could make a difference within a classroom environment by teaching pupils my self taught techniques which have many advantages from a pupils and schools perspective. 

This idea developed into my Maths & Art Cross Curricular Workshops which I have now presented in schools nationwide. When I realised that the workshops inspired pupils, boosted their confidence and self esteem, my Motivational Talks were introduced to further enhance the workshop day.

After more than twelve years of trading, I still class myself as very lucky to be a Cartoon Wall Artist, Workshop Presenter & Motivational Speaker,  it does not matter if I am doing a mural, workshop or a talk, I always strive to give full customer satisfaction.

I am very passionate about my job, knowing that I am making a difference by boosting confidence, self esteem and teaching new transferable skills or creating bright, warm and stimulating areas with my Wall Art or motivating pupils with my talks, gives me an immense amount of job satisfaction. 

I hope you enjoy my website and if you require any further information,  please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ian Brealey