Over the last twenty years I have completed work for more than four hundred and fifty different schools. 


As some headteachers have moved on, they have used my services in their new schools as well due to them seeing first hand what a huge difference Wall Art can make.

I have also completed work for numerous play centres, day nurseries and many children's bedrooms. 

The beauty of Wall Art is that you can have what you want exactly where you want it.  Dull and drab areas can easily be transformed into warm, bright, welcoming and stimulating places which capture both children's and adults imagination alike.


Besides being visually appealing, the artwork can be used as an excellent learning tool to encourage and aid children within educational establishments.

Other benefits of Wall Art include Informative Artwork, Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Play, Visual Learning Aids and Curriculum Linked Artwork.


My Cross Curriculum Workshops are another aspect of the business which has and continues to prove very popular with schools. They can be tailored to meet your exact requirements and give a fantastic insight into the process and techniques which are used to create the Wall Art.

Children are allowed to create their own piece of artwork by following guidelines which gives them a real sense of achievement when they have completed their very own masterpiece. The workshops are fun and educational, help improve pupils communication and observational skills, boost confidence and self esteem, learns them a new skill and highlights the cross curriculum link between Maths and Art.

In total, I have completed workshop days for more than 400 schools nationwide due to many different benefits and to find out more please visit the Maths & Art Workshops section.

More recently, the workshop sessions have been linked to the Growth Mindset and resilience, determination, trying your best and learning from mistakes are all covered in the sessions.

Many schools are now booking my workshops due to the Mental Health & Well Being link, this is because the children feel good about themselves with regards to what they produce in the the workshop sessions and this creates positive feelings of achievement. The pupils and staff also have their confidence and self esteem boosted and evidence shows that continuing to learn new skills can improve and maintain our mental well being.

On workshop days, schools are also taking advantage of my Motivational Talk Assemblies and Staff Sessions which are also linked to The Growth Mindset, to find out more visit the Maths & Art Workshops or Motivational Talks sections.


For a more detailed and in depth look at Wall Art, Workshops and other services that are available, please feel free to browse the various sections of the website.

For all enquiries or to book a Free No Obligation Visit, please contact Ian on mobile 0771 9188996 or email me at

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