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In November 2023, I delivered the workshops at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School at Hoghton, near Preston in Lancashire.

It was such a great day and I was impressed on so many different levels.

You can see below some of the fantastic pictures that their Year 6 pupils completed with me and what they had to say about the workshop sessions from a pupil’s perspective.                                                   


Hi Ian,

I loved your lesson - what we did was so fun!

You taught me so much about how to fix mistakes, use my growth mindset and try to forward think. Heidi Year 6

The strategies that Ian taught me won't just help me now, but in the future too; he helped me believe in myself. Lois Year 6

To Ian,

I had such a fantastic day. The strategies we used were brilliant! After all my hard work, I felt like crying because my picture was so good. Albie Year 6

Ian was really helpful, and the way he taught us to draw a circle was mind-blowing! George Year 6

I like how Ian taught me to use dots to draw, instead of using lines. I'll do that in future! Seren Year 6

I really enjoyed my lesson with Ian and learnt loads! I also loved the methods he taught me for drawing lines and circles. Niah Year 6



In January 2024, I delivered the workshops at Great Dunham Primary in Norfolk, it was another fantastic workshop day with many positives. Here are some of the comments that their pupils made about their workshop sessions, from each respective year group.


  • Most of the stories were based in real life and that helped me understand how a growth mindset can help, not just in school
  • Using dashes really helped my drawing
  • At the start I thought, "oh this is going to be easy" Then it became really difficult, but Mr B gave me advice on proportions and that really helped
  • It was kind of hard but Mr B said to keep going and it would work out, and it did.


  • Dotted lines made the drawing easier even on the complicated parts
  • True life stories helped
  • I'm not great at drawing so I wasn't really looking forward to the session, but when I got to the end I was really happy with what I had done
  • Mr B kept saying not to give up and that helped me learn something new
  • I liked that he kept motivating us by being positive


  • I enjoyed all the stories he told
  • He taught us how to draw different things
  • He helped me build my resilience~ he helped me spot places where I needed to improve and when I did make changes it made me feel happy
  • Mr B told funny jokes and also gave us life skill lessons like 'not to give up,' 'make mistakes and learn from them,' 'try your best and you will keep improving'


  • The workshop made me feel good
  • I learned new techniques like the dotted lines
  • I learned that you need to get it wrong to improve
  • The dots really helped my drawing
  • At first, I thought I was really bad at drawing but Mr B kept saying to keep trying and at the end my picture was good.
  • I liked that Mr B told us that he had never given up


  • I improved my drawing with the spots
  • He said if I keep trying I will be able to do it and he said that it's not I can't do it, we should say I can't do it yet
  • He helped me with my drawing by showing me how to use the dots
  • At first, I had trouble, but I didn't give up because Mr B kept encouraging me. I tried very hard and could do it in the end. It made me so happy


  • dotted lines made me think it was easier to draw
  • when I was struggling Mr B helped me by looking more closely at where things needed to be put on the page. he said don't give up


  • He said do the dots first before you draw the circle~ it made my circle better
  • I did it all right in the end but it took lots of tries. I never gave up.
  • Mr B helped me with the circles~ it was tricky but I kept trying



Many schools have been asking me on workshops days if I offer a staff session with regards to implementing the Growth Mindset within classrooms and schools.

As a result of this, I am delighted to now offer such sessions to any schools who may be interested. These sessions are avilable in different formats and can be delivered for 90 minutes after school or for half day sessions on inset days or teacher training days. 

If these are of interest to you, please contact me for futher information or visit my Staff Training page on the website.



Multiple consecutive workshop day discounts available...
This is cost effective for larger schools who have more than 4 classes
because the more days you book then the bigger the discount BUT if you
are a large or small school you can also qualify for the discounts by booking
consecutive days with one of your local schools…so WHY NOT take advantage

Contact me today for your free no obligation quote for multiple day booking discounts !


Any school which books a workshop will have the option of having a FREE Motivational Talk Assembly linked to the Growth Mindset incorporated into the day providing the schools timetable allows. This can be either at the end of a workshop session or can be presented during an assembly. If you would like to find out more information, please go to the motivational talk section of the website. 



With the Workshops proving ever popular and the Growth Mindset linked assemblies going from strength to strength, I would like to thank all my customers who have used my services over the years for their continued support.

I look forward to The Doodle Bug making a difference in schools with Workshops, Motivational Talks, Staff Sessions and Artwork  for many years to come.  



Armed with my pencils, paint, brushes and flip chart I am continuing to transform schools across the country as well as boosting pupils self esteem and confidence with my fantastic Cross Curriculum Workshops.

Areas which I have completed work in are Northants, Wiltshire, West Sussex, Tameside, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Cheshire, South Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Suffolk, Essex, West Yorkshire, The Midlands, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cumbria, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Worcestershire, Middlesex, Rutland, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, North Yorkshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Shropshire, Devon, Scotland and Wales.

For further information on any of the above, please contact me on

0771 9188996 (mobile) or email me at thedoodlebug@rocketmail.com



I currently have a promotional offer for schools who are interested in a Monday workshop booking. There is an additional discount available. If this is of interest please contact me.



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